Adding Lutron Caseta to Home Assistant

Adding Lutron Caseta Bridge  Home Assistant  is a bit complicated.  The Component page gives a link to the python script to generate the necessary files and directs to follow the instructions at the top of the script.  But the instructions in the script are not easy for newbies to follow.  Here is what I did to get it done.  These are for mac, but should be easy to follow in other OS as well.  This assumes that python3 is installed.

  1. Copy the python script to a new directory, something like ~/Desktop/Caseta
  2. Open a terminal and change to that directory
  3. run <python -m venv env>
  4. run <pip install cryptography==2.1.3 requests==2.18.4>
  5. run <python>
  6. It’ll ask you to go to the URL stated. Something like ”

    Open Browser and login at……  20878c28e5a&”

  7. Login to your Lutron account

  8. The browser will generate an error.  Do not move close the tab. Copy the URL on the error page just generated.
  9. Paste the URL into the Command Prompt. ”

    Enter the URL (of the “error” page you got redirected to (or the code in the URL): >

  10. Type in your Lutron Bridge’s local IP address, at Enter the address of your Caseta bridge device: (This should be something like ‘192.168.1.xx’)

  11. If everything has gone perfect, it’ll give you a successfully connected to LEAP statement.  I got an error statement:  (but it did not matter)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 156, in <module>
    KeyError: 'Body'
  12. This will result in three files in your subdirectory. Copy all three  to your <config> folder on your HA installation. 
  13. When setting up Home Assistant, use the following configuration in your configuration.yaml file:
    host: <your local ip address>
    keyfile: caseta.key
    certfile: caseta.crt
    ca_certs: caseta-bridge.crt


Restart your Home Assistant and you will see the Lutron dimmers added to your system.

It is a good idea to reserve the local ip that was used to generate the keys in your router.  I generally reserve all my device ip once they work successfully in Home Assistant.

I referred to several fragmented sources to get the full picture of this integration. Particularly, I am thankful to the following:

Smarter SmartThings with MQTT and Home Assistant

Smartthings MQTT Bridge

10 comments on “Adding Lutron Caseta to Home Assistant

  1. In my house I have three Caseta Bridges Pro to get all my Lutron shades working using Telnet protocol.
    Is there anyway I can get Home assistant to work with all my bridges?

    Thank you.

    1. I have only one Caseta bridge. But I understand that you may need multiple Lutron accounts (with different e-mails) to have them working and then you should be able to add them to Home Assistant.

      BTW, what is the use case to have multiple bridges, can you not add all devices (shades) to one bridge, under a single account?

      1. I use bridge pro to control wireless shades. My apartment is large and the bridges only have about 30 feet comm distance.

  2. I use bridge pro to control wireless shades. My apartment is large and the bridges only have about 30 feet comm distance.

  3. So I take it, one must have the Lutron Bridge in order to set these devices up with HA?

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