Update: Flashing Tasmota Firmware Gets Easier

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Fast and Easy Way to Falsh Tasmota Firmware for Sonoff Devices

Flashing New Firmware in Sonoff RF Bridge

Tasmota v6.5.0 has been released. This comes with the Web UI for configuration. If you are following my previous write-up to flash, you do not need Termite (or other serial communication monitors) to configure ssid and password during initial flash.

You can ignore the instructions from Step 9. Once you reboot the device after flashing, you will see a new network (something like SONOFF-XXXX) appearing. If you connect to that network, it will open the device configuration page automatically. This is usually You can then configure the ssid and password from the Web UI. It is useful to also include a secondary ssid/password, (something that you have access to), just so in case you entered ssid1/password1 wrong, you will have another option to connect and modify.

4 comments on “Update: Flashing Tasmota Firmware Gets Easier

  1. With my Tasmota version precompiled, it takes around 2 minutes for me to flash and finally connect to the device for use.

    I use Atom for editing/uploading Tasmota to any of my devices and sometimes Arduino IDE if Atom is playing up, sometimes vice-versa.

    Theo-Arends-Sonoff-Mqtt-Over-The-Air = TASMOTA > Thank you Theo for providing such fantastic software, FOC!

    1. I am glad it worked for you. Enjoy.

      Have you tried Visual Studio Code Editor, it integrates nicely with Home Assistant and Github. I used to use Atom and moved to VSC.

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